I'm a newbie, how do I get started?


Tips to get started as a street style blogger:

Starting out as a street style blogger can be a daunting task, especially with so many stylish people out there! Here are some tips on how to use Chictopia as a street style blogger.
  1. Take Quality Photos - well-lit, full body and high resolution photos - not to mention stylish and inspiring outfits - have a good chance of getting into the Style Gallery. It's all a learning process to figure out how to best photograph your outfits - don't worry if you don't make it into the Style Gallery right away. Work to improve your photos and you'll get there!
  2. Write Interesting Blog Posts - The best way to gain readers is to have something interesting to say. While "what is interesting" is all relative, blog posts that show your personality and give us a glimpse of who you are make a blog interesting. It's like making friends in the real world - show them that you have a fun attitude and seem like someone they'd like to get to know.
  3. Upload Photos Often - When you upload often, people get in the habit of checking your blog daily. It's a good way to get a steady readership going.
  4. Show Love in the Community - What would a community be without relationships? Show love for other bloggers by commenting on their photos, voting their looks "CHIC" or adding them as a favorite. If they like your style, they'll be likely to return the favor.

Tips to get started as a brand or designer:

The benefit of being present on a community is that you can build real and lasting relationships with your fans and shoppers. Here are some tips on how to use Chictopia as a brand or designer.
  1. Writer Interesting and Meaningful Posts - That means, no spam! Think about sales people - would you want someone coming up to you while you're shopping, constantly telling you "Buy this!" everytime you passed them? Probably not, right? You probably want them to take an interest in what you have to say and what you are looking for. You want them to have a conversation with you. Treat your blog and presence in the community the same way and you'll be more likely to create a lasting relationship with your shoppers and fans.
  2. Show Love in the Community - If you love someone's style, show it! Communities are all about building relationships and the same goes with shoppers and fans. It's important that they like YOU if you want them to like your brand.
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